11.12.13 Date of Eternity

11.12.13 Date of Eternity


By Soniaa Bakshi

TODAY’S date – 11/12/13 – is the last time we will see three consecutive numbers line up for 90 years, and plenty of people are celebrating.Today is a day to Get Love of Your Life. Whether for its calendric significance or the luck factor, 11-12-13 is set to be one of the most romantic days of the century, going by the manifold rise in the number of weddings planned the world over.

The once-in-a-lifetime sequential date is considered a “best date” not only for being the 11th day of the 12th month of the 13th year of the millennium, but also for its luck factor. The sum of 11, 12 and 13 is “9”, which is considered to be lucky in the Chinese culture as it means longevity and eternity.

According to Astrology this date has all the aspects of MOON AND VENUS,Which again signifies Passion, Love and Romance.

No wonder many expecting parents and couples on the verge of tying the nuptial knot have chosen to freeze the last iconic date of the century as the most cherished souvenir of their life time.

In India, hospitals in most metropolitan cities are flooded with calls for delivery appointments on this special date. Wedding halls in India’s main cities were also booked up long ago.

In the US, nationwide bridal retail chain David’s Bridal estimated 3,000 couples got married on 11/12/13, compared with about 370 a year ago.

So even if You were waiting to say those special desires of your heart to someone ,this is the best date.

For a business and partnership also this date is best to start as its in the main influence of MOON, SUN and Venus.

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