Astro Remedy-Donate Blood and get prevented from an Accident

Astro Remedy-Donate Blood and get prevented from an Accident

By Soniaa Bakshi

There are certain remedies to minimize the impact of accidents. Appeasing the concerned star, worshipping and donations do have some impact.

Is there any correlation between accidents and blood donation? If you go by astrological study in this field, one may conclude that definitely those who are accident-prone and regularly donate blood, their blood is not wated either in the road mishap or on the operation table. It may sound bizarre or outdated thoughts but it is a time-tested fact.

In a horoscope. If Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are afflicted or ill-placed, the person concerned either he had met with an accident or likely to meet depending upon the position of stars and the period he is undergoing.

If Rahu and Mars are posited together in any house, one is likely to face accidents. Ketu in eighth huse, aspected by Mars or malefic planets, also give road mishaps or operation. Saturn’s malefic influence during Sadhesati, also indicates operation. Medical Astrology defines the part of the body, which would be affected or operated and the period of the events.

The eighth house denotes life and death of the natives. A good astrologer can seconds of accident. Even the condition of the accident can be explained in advance as to what will be the mode of accident, the class of vehicle and don’t wonder, even the colour of the vehicle can be forecast. Not only this, even one can go into more details whether it will be a collision, self-driven vehicle, air crash, rail mishap, falling from hill, a drowning tragedy, fire accident, suicide, death in foreign land et al.

Although, you cannot change the destiny, as you cannot stop rains, but certainly, one can put up an umbrella to save from the showers to some extent. There are certain remedies to minimize the impact of accidents. Appeasing the concerned star, worshipping, donations, other upayas to have some impact.

I have studies horoscopes of many who are regular blood donors. Such persons did meet the accidents on the prescribed time but did not lose much in terms of blood or organ.

Some astonishing live cases are worth mentioning here. A 75 years old advocate had his head operated . Eight bottles of blood were procured in advance. Surprisingly not even a single bottle was used. He has donated blood 70 times. A business man in Bassi Pathana was shot during terroris. The bullet could not be taken out of his body. He survived surprisingly. He has 50 donations to his credit. A city-based investigative journalist, who is accident prone as per his kundli, met with an accident near Delhi some years ago. His care was completely damaged. He survived miraculously. He is the regular blood donour and had donated blood a few days before the accident.

Sheely, a 30-year-old girl feel accidentally from the roof of a three storey building, did fracture her arm but not even a single drop of blood emerged nor was required during the operation. She is again a blood donor. Some star blood donors met with accidents or underwent operations but blood was neither wasted nor required.

Donation of red items has been recommended for safeguarding from the ill effects of Mars, which is the representative of blood, energy, valour etc. And what can be a better donation than BLOOD. My case studies are based on scientific approach of astrology. It is not a superstition but a systematic study of the subject of ancient India.

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