What iS Astrology and Why we Should Follow it ?

What iS Astrology and Why we Should Follow it ?


By Soniaa Bakshi

Initially when one begins the study of astrology it is believed that all events can be predicted in a chart.
The chart is a map of the karmas of a soul.

There is a promise indicated in every chart but the probability of it all coming to fruition is definitely tempered by the fact that we all have free will.
But some events seem predestined. It is our choices and how we operate within the apparent destined events of life that can shift our soul development. Much of our free will is developed through our thinking process for we can choose how we think and the choices we make within the apparent destined events.
I believe some events are fated or predestined and our choices within these events can shape and change our lives.

The great guru preceptor Paramahansa Yogananda said there is nothing stronger then the will of man. He respects the science of astrology but maintains that we have a certain amount of free will that can overcome the forces of the planets.

The trance medium Edgar Cayce also believes that astrology is well and true but there is nothing more powerful that the will of man and he repeatedly claims we can change our lives through our will and thoughts.

And most people would agree that if everything were predestined then there would be absolutely no purpose or meaning for life if we were all puppets acting out a script with no variation or choice.

Our choices that we make within the parameters of these predestined events determine our spiritual growth and can invariably change the course of our life. Will we achieve happiness or misfortune through our opportunities of sudden luck and fortune? Likewise, our choices in times of a great fall from grace and difficulty are also events that will give us the opportunity for choices to be made and will determine our future circumstances and karma. We have free will and the choices made when a fortune suddenly occurs will determine our future karma, resulting in happiness or misfortune.

I believe it is important to know that any life-changing event is an opportunity for spiritual growth. There is no other reason for our experiences here, but to come to a realization of higher consciousness and connection to our Divinity. All life events lead us to this realization.


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