Baaghi movie review: A terrific Tiger Shroff and a radiant Shraddha Kapoor provide enough THRILLS for action lovers!

Baaghi movie review: A terrific Tiger Shroff and a radiant Shraddha Kapoor provide enough THRILLS for action lovers!


The film is directed by Sabbir Khan.

After giving a huge break to India’s answer to Bruce Lee, Tiger Shroff, in Heropanti, Sabbir Khan reunites with his fave star in the romantic actioned, Baaghi. And joining them in the action spectacle is Shraddha Kapoor. Let’s see if the Tiger- Sabbir combo works again for the fan…


Baaghi is a remake of the Tamil film, Mazhai, which itself is inspired from Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit’s Tezaab. Plus, there are references to the cult Indonesian action flick Raid: Redemption and Kung Fu Panda. The film begins with Siya (Shraddha Kapoor), an actress in a South flick, kidnapped by a business magnate based in Bangkok, Raghav (Sudheer Babu). As to what business he is doing we have no clue, since all we see he has a building full of martial artists. The movie’s producer hires her ex-lover Rony (Tiger Shroff) to get her back. The movie moves to flashback where it was love at first sight for Rony when he meets Siya on a train to Kerala. At the same time, it was also love at first sight for Raghav as well. Rain also plays an integral role in advancing Siya and Rony’s love story. But silly misunderstandings, a conniving father and vengeful villain keep them apart. However all is right when the hero jets off to Bangkok to rescue his Sita from the clutches of Raavan!

What’s hot

Let’s be honest here. Why have you bought the tickets for the film? To see Tiger kick some ass and break more bones, right? If that’s reason, you will have your money’s worth here. Though the film takes its own sweet time to reach there, when the film gets into action mode, you just can’t take your eyes off the screen. Special commendation must be given to the action choreography, which, though inspired, is still breathtaking. And of course, nothing would have been believable if it was not for the star, Tiger Shroff. This man is seriously unbelievably when it comes to performing mind-boggling stunts. Check out his intro scene, and we won’t blame you if a whistle escapes from your mouth. He also dances like a dream, and acting has improved a lot since his debut film. Shraddha Kapoor brightens up the proceedings with her radiant smile and she also gets to into action mode in a couple of scenes (though how she is such a pro is never explained). Sudheer Babu is fine as the suave, love-struck villain and his physique could give you an inferiority complex. Grandmaster Shifuji, who plays Tiger’s teacher in the film and is also a real-life martial arts expert, is impressive. The training portions in Kalaripayattu are very engaging, and so is the climax fight scene. The music is top-notch, though a couple of songs are forced. The beautiful locales of Kerala in the first half provides enough visual appeal to the film.

What’s not

While we enjoy the action served before us, the movie falters when it comes to injecting emotions and a credible storyline. The plot is as old as the Himalayas, filled with enough holes, and the romance between Rony and Siya is cheesy and even looks forced. In fact, whenever a romantic scene is going on, we wait impatiently for the action to resume, despite having two very good looking stars. The film has two talented comic talents in Sunil Grover and Sanjay Mishra, yet the comedy portions suck. Sunil Grover’s character, though integral to the love story, is abandaned without further mention as the film ends. The Cham Cham track in the first half is so cheesy and unbelievable in its choreography, when Shraddha gets off the train and starts dancing, and others join her and match her steps. This is not even a dream sequence. Haven’t we evolved beyond such scenes? Even though the stunts are brilliant, the situations in which they are placed are not so. The final fight between the hero and the villain is also disappointing. Also, a tip to the makers – China and Thailand are two different countries. So calling a Thai a Chinese is actually racist!

What to do

Baaghi is a treat for the action lovers. Watch the film for its amazing stunts and Tiger Shroff. Boy, he surely rocks!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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