Dazzling range of activities, on 9-10 February, at Central World

The first-ever ‘North-East Festival of India’ will be held in Bangkok, on 9th and 10th of February, at Central World (Zones A and B).The North-East region of India consists of seven exotic and culturally rich states- Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura. Some of the ethnic tribes in the region speak the ‘Tai’ language (which closely resembles the Thai language), and infact, it was none other than HRH Princess Mahachakri Sirindhorn, who visited this region some years back.

These North-Eastern states which have close geographical proximity to Thailand, have become a great gateway to SE Asia, and infact, have come to the forefront of India’s ‘Act East’ policy.

To quote the newly-arrived Indian Ambassador to Thailand, HE Ms Suchitra Durai- ” I am delighted that the first-ever North East India Festival outside of India is being held at Bangkok on 9-10 February, 2019 at the Central World. North East India has much to offer – breathtaking landscapes, top class human resources, a rich and diverse cultural heritage. We invite Thais to savour this distinct region of Incredible India.

“In order to introduce the riches of this region to the Land of Smiles, the Embassy of India, in collaboration with various partners , has organised a mega ‘North-East India Festival’, on the coming week-end, which covers a large and exciting range of activities.They include seminars and discussions on bilateral trade and investment, education, tourism, with important participants from both countries.

They include academics, historians, entrepreneurs, tour operators, and hi-level officials from the Govt of India, State Govts of North-East India, and Govt of Thailand.

These ‘Business’ meetings will be held at the Lotus Suite, Centara Grand Hotel, on the mornings of 9 and 10 February.

The afternoons will be studded with Exhibitions, and a scintillating range of music and dance performances, in Zone A and Zone B, of Central World.

The seven North-East states or ‘Seven Sisters’ as they are called, have a rich and varied range of folk traditions, and these will be in full display at the Festival, through their colourful and charismatic folk-dance forms, like the Naga, Manipuri,Bodo, Bihu, Bagrumba, Assamese and other dances.

What’s unique about the North-East region of India, is that apart from ethnic tribes,they have a diverse range of communities, religions, thanks to which they boast of diverse and rapidly developing music forms. Thus, they have brilliant pop, rock, rap bands, and also some famed individual singers.

Many top rock bands of North-East India, like The Chronicles, The Featherheads, and others will be performing at the North East Indian Festival, as also well-knownindividual singers like Rahul Rajkhowa, Zubeen Garg, and international DJ Teri Miko.

What’s exciting to note is that there will be many Thai musical artistes also performing in conjunction with the North-East Indian performers.

The Fashion-scene is big in the North East Indian states, thanks to their rich textiles, ethnic traditions and individual styles. There have been some excellent fashion-shows from the region earlier, in Bangkok, and another scintillating one is coming up, at this Festival, by well-known designers Atsu Sekhose, Arita Kashyap and others.

There will also be many Exhibitions at Central World, with numerous stalls displaying the rich and varied textiles, arts and crafts of the region (handlooms, cane, bamboo), not to forget their horticultural products (fresh fruits, organic vegetables), as also the famed teas of Assam.

Last but not the least, will be the varied and vibrant cuisines of the seven North- East Indian states, which will be available on both evenings, at Central World – a rare opportunity to get a taste of the unique food of this region.

So, watch out for a dazzling blitzkrieg of activities, this weekend, at the North- East India Festival – everything, from culture and cuisine, to economics and academics, trade and tourism. And most important, people-to-people contacts and exchanges.

Infact, a special program of the Festival, involves a unique ‘People to People Exchange Programme’ on 10th February, among students, academicians, historiansfrom North East India and their South East Asian counterparts, in order to discuss their shared heritage.

It’s easily one of the largest and most holistic Indian Festivals to be held in the Land of Smiles, and not to be missed.

All the events at Central World, are Free and open to the public

All the events at Centara Grand Hotel, are on Invitation.For more details of the ‘North East India Festival’, please check:


Mass Participation is Expected at the Largest Gaensha Festival in Thailand


Vishwa Hindu Parishad Association Thailand and Partners are set to host the Largest Ganesh Festival 2016 events in Bangkok and Nakhorn Nayok at eight locations in Thailand during 5th to 11th Sep 2016. 

The purpose of these events is to celebrate the annual Ganesh Chaturthi (Birthday of Lord Ganesha = Phra Phi Kanesh) festival and promote historical social and cultural relations between India and Thailand. 

This year, the festival activities are also aimed to celebrate the 70th anniversary of His Majesty the King’s accession to the throne and pray for the good health and wellness of the Royal Family and prosperity in Thailand.

The Ganesha Festival @ Bangkok on Saturday, 10th Sep 2016 at National Stadium BTS Station (Near MBK Shopping Mall) is being organized by VHP Association Thailand and partners and supported by Hindu Temples and Associations of Thai & Indian community. It is expected more than 10,000 devotees of Shri Ganesha will join this largest celebration in the heart of Bangkok. Devotees of Ganesha will enjoy variety of activities throughout the day such as Ganehsa Sthapna Pujan, Dahi Handi Celebration, Vegetarian Food and Souvenir Stalls, Ganesha Maha Bhog, We Love Ganesha Painting Competition and the spectacular cultural program to promote local talent in Thailand. 

7th Ganesha Festival @ Nakhorn Nayok on Sunday, 11th Sep 2016 will be jointly organized by VHP Association Thailand and Utthyan Ganesh Temple, Nakhorn Nayok during 5-11 Sep 2016. Visarjan of idols of Shri Ganesha in a ceremonial procession is scheduled on Sunday 11th Sep 2016 from Bangkok to Nakhorn Nayok. Similar to previous years, thousands of devotees will join the Ganesha festival at Nakhorn Nayok and about 1,500 devotees will travel from Bangkok. Visarjan ceremony will be jointly organized by Ganesha festival partners at Nakhorn Nayok. 

Lai Haraoba, a talented female group led by Ms. Devlina Kumar, India will also perform live at above festival location supported by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and Embassy of India in Thailand. 

H.E. Shri Bhagwant S. Bishnoi, Ambassdor of India to Thailand will join the Ganesha Festival celebration as Chief Guest of Honor. 

“We believe that this Largest Ganesha festival in Thailand will further develop people-to-people interactions and strengthen socio-economic and cultural relations between India and Thailand. said Susheel Kumar Saraff, President, VHP Association Thailand”.

All are welcome to join the Ganesha’s divine blessings events.

For further information, please contact:

Shri Ganesha Festival Events Secretariat

Call: 081 890 6227



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