Thai mothers of new babies encouraged to breast-feed

More efforts have been made to promote breast-feeding among Thai mothers, with the latest initiative recently taking place in Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

Dr. Nisit Wattanatchariya, Director of Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital, recently chaired an event to promote breast-feeding, which was the second of the hospital’s attempts to encourage mothers to breast-feed their babies.

More than 100 mothers brought their babies to join the event, which was concurrently organized with the same event in Bangkok.

In total, around 700 mothers, with their babies, took part in the initiative that was officially recognized by Thailand’s Book of Records.

In addition to having the biggest number of mothers and their babies in Thailand gathered together, the project was intended to offer moral support and inspire Thais to choose to breast-feed babies more, at a time when Thailand’s rate of breast-feeding, when compared with other Asian countries is at the lowest level of only 12.3 percent.

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Thai Muslims returning home for Hari Raya holiday

Yala railway station was crowded with a large number of Thai Muslim passengers returning home for Hari Raya holiday.

Yala railway station at noon today was lively and crowded with many Thai Muslims waiting to take trains home for the Hari Raya Eid al-Fitr holiday at their hometown as Ramadan festival will end in the next four or five days.

Railway police and security officials were on standby at the railway station to provide security and facilitate passengers during the travel period.

Sheikhul Islam Office of Thailand has called upon Thai Muslims to watch for the moon after dusk on July 5, 2016, to determine the Eid al-Fitr day of the year 1437 on Hijri calendar.

If the moon is spotted in the evening of July 5, 2016, the Eid al-Fitr day will be on July 6, 2016. However, if the moon is not spotted, the Eid al-Fitr day will be on July 7, 2016.


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Bangkok named most visited city in Asia Pacific

Multinational financial services corporation MasterCard has announced that Bangkok was the most visited city in the region in 2015.

The capital of Thailand tops the MasterCard Asia Pacific Destinations 2016 Index, with 21.5 million international visitors generating an estimated 14.83 billion US dollars.

MasterCard reported that the number of international visitors rose 28.6% in the year 2015, while the country itself took three of the top ten rankings. Phuket secured fifth place with 9.3 million visitors and Pattaya came in at eighth place with 8.1 million visitors.


Bangkok also ranked number one in total expenditure at 15.2 billion dollars. Seoul came in second place at 14.4 billion dollars, followed by Singapore at 14.1 billion dollars, Tokyo at 11.9 billion dollars, and Kuala Lumpur at 10.5 billion dollars.

MasterCard also revealed that the Asia Pacific’s tourism industry is the largest in the world by contribution to GDP, having overtaken Europe in 2014. Tourism contributed 2.27 trillion dollars to Asia Pacific economies and 153.7 million jobs in 2015.

MasterCard commented that the tourism industry in the Asia Pacific is continuing to show strong growth, with more destinations receiving over five million visitors a year. The visits are driven by increased consumer wealth, particularly from China.

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Thai govt ready to support start-up businesses

Minister Attached to the Prime Minister’s Office M.L. Panadda Disakul has encouraged startup entrepreneurs to incorporate Thailand’s national identity into their business model.

M.L. Panadda presided over the opening ceremony of a startup business development project over the weekend. It is a joint effort between Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakorn and the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion.

The minister said that while technology is an essential part of the business, he wants startup entrepreneurs to structure their business model in a way that it promotes regional economic growth and reflects the national identity.

According to M.L. Panadda, Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha ordered the establishment of a one-stop service for startup businesses, where advice on business regulations will be provided to new entrepreneurs.

They have also been encouraged to report to the Prime Minister’s Office if they are being coerced to bribe any civil servant to expedite the business application process.

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Songkran Water Festival, Thai New Year 2016


What is Songkran festival ?
Songkran is a celebration of Thailand New Year’s Day. Songkran has a strong relation with Buddhist/Hindu solar calendar.

When is Songkran Celebration ?
Generally, Songkran Festival is celebrated 13-14 April annually. Although in some parts of the country may take longer period of celebrations.

How to Celebrate Songkran ?
Water plays important role in Songkran celebration which is rich with symbolic traditions.


Early in the morning, it begins with merit-making. Visiting local temples and offering food to the Buddhist monks are commonly practiced.



Performing water pouring on Buddha statues is considered an iconic ritual for this holiday – it represents purification and the washing away all of their sins and bad luck.

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As a festival of unity, people who have moved away usually return homes to their loved ones and elder family members. As a way to show respect, younger people often practice water pouring over the palms of elders’ hands.
The holiday is known for its iconic water festival which is mostly celebrated by young people. Major streets are closed for traffic, and are used as arenas for water fights. Celebrants, young or old, participate in this tradition by splashing water on each other.



More importantly, traditional parades are held, where cars are decorated with traditional ornaments. Also, the central festival often holds a pageant contest, or “Miss Songkran” where contestants are clothed in traditional Thai dress.


Date 12 – 15 Apr 2016
Songkran in Visuthikasat

Started in 1931 and considered as the ‘Legendary Songkran Festival of the Bangkok’s old town’ not only because of the collaboration of local communities, but also the original tradition of ‘Miss Songkran’ competition that has been a continuing for over 70 years.

Venue : Visuthikasat intersection (Bang Khunprom intersection) under the Rama IIIV Bridge.

For more information : The President of Visuthikasat Association – Tel. 08 6345 5836 / PhraNakhorn District Office -Tel. 0 2628 9068

Songkran in Banglumpoo

Here, as significant part of the festival, there will be a ceremony where the “PhuttaBang is, with great respect, taken from BowonniwetVihara Temple to SantiChaiprakarn Park for the public to pray to and receive blessings. There are also other Buddhist ceremonies such as giving food to monks, the Thai tradition of being blessed by elders, and Thai dances.

Venue : SuanSantiChaiprakarn (park), PhraArtit Road, Bangkok

For more information : PhraNakhornDistric Office – Tel. 0 2628 9068

Songkran Splendours : The Procession of Three Kingdoms

 This April 10, 2016, at 15.00-18.00 hrs., “The Procession of Three Kingdoms”, parading from Mahajetsadabodin Royal Pavilion, Ratchadamnoen Klang Road, RatchadamnoenNai Road, Nha Phra Lan Road, Maharaj Road to Nagaraphirom Park, depicts a miraculous tale of the world’s heritage,Songkran festivals,and the story of Songkran’sseven beauty pageants.  The procession is divided into three kingdoms.

First procession – Kingdom of Rama III : Engraving of World’s Heritage

Second procession – Kingdom of Rama V : April 13, Songkran Day in Thailand

Final procession – Kingdom of Rama VII : Songkran Around The World

The first procession carries a wallengraving a literature of the Songkran festival from WatPhraChetuphonVimolmangklararm (Wat Pho) and it is transformed into a performance, which includes performers, Himmapan creatures and seven beauty pageants.  And, this is the first time to enjoy water display in a performance “SongkranSplendours, The Cultural Heritage”.  Follow by a procession that exhibit traditional Songkran in five regions of the country showing Thai ways of merit making and celebrating the new year! The procession involves;
1.Northern region – Salungluang, Lampang Province

2.North-eastern region – Ton Dokmai, Loey Province

3.Central region- Thai-Burmese Songkran Festival, Ratchaburi Province

4.Eastern region – Sri MahaRacha& Gong Kao, Chonburi Province

5.Southern region- Nang Dan, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province
Ending the Procession of Three Kingdoms portraying Thais and Laos bonds through Phra That Phanom of Nakorn Phanom Province and  Phra That Si Ko Ta Bong of Laos.

SongkranSplendours : The Procession of Three Kingdomsbegins with an opening performance at the main stage of Mahajetsadabodin Royal Pavilion and the Democracy Monument.  There are yet many more to enjoy, such as an ancient market, Thai traditional plays, includes LakornNok and Royal Puppet, locating at WatPhraChetuphonVimolmangklararm    (Wat Pho) from April 10-12, 2016, 10.30-20.30 hrs.
The event to be heldaround Mahajetsadabodin Royal Pavilion, RatchadamnoenKlang Road, RatchadamnoenNai Road, NhaPhraLan Road, Maharaj Road to Nagaraphirom Park
For more information, please contact Tourism Authority of Thailand,

0 2250 5500 ext. 3470-3 or at TAT CALL CENTER 1672


Joyous Songkran Splendors

Nowadays both Thai andForeigners show more interest in joining Songkran Festival, especially in splashing water. Hence both public and private sectors agree to host Songkran celebration in various locations in order to create distinct atmosphere for visitors to enjoy the festivity. And most importantly, the hosts pay most attention on making sure that participants will be safe and have great moments during their time in the Thai New Year, ‘Songkran Splendors’.

Khaosan Road, Bangkok

Date : 13-15 April 2016
Venue : Khaosan Road, Bangkok

For more information : PhraNakhon District Office – Tel. 0 2628 9068

Silom Road, Bangkok

Date : 13-15 April 2016

Venue : Silom Road, Bangkok

For more information: – Bangrak District Office – Tel. 0 2236 1395 ext. 6211




Suvarnabhumi Airport to increase service capacity during Songkran festival

Suvarnabhumi Airport is establishing a coordination center to facilitate passengers traveling during the annual Songkran festival between April 8 and 18, as the average number of passengers is expected to rise to 166,760 people per day.

Director of Airports of Thailand (AOT) Sirote Duangrat said the number will mark a 7 percent increase from the same period last year.

The number of passengers during the festival will consist of over 1.5 million international passengers and over 295,000 domestic passengers. There will be a total of 10,296 flights throughout the period, a 5.77 percent increase from the same period last year. The number consists of 8,064 international flights and 2,232 domestic flights.

The AoT director said the new “Passenger Facilitation Center” to be set up during the festival will serve to ensure safety and provide convenience for passengers. The center will be located on the 4th floor lobby behind the R line ticketing booth. The center will collect traffic data to be used for adjusting manpower and service capacity to suit actual conditions while allocating adequate personnel for checkins, baggage inspections and passport checking.

He also revealed that the AoT has increased the number of security officers by increasing its own number and by contracting third party security agencies. The AoT has also coordinated with law enforcement agencies to provide additional personnel and increase the frequency of inspections at various points such as in and outbound vehicles and luggage inspections.

Mr Sirote added that passengers should take advantage of the airports’ available automated services such as the Common Use Self Service: CUSS for checkins and the Auto Channel for automatic passport inspections.

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Rewriter : Bhagavad Prompen
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Making hope real in Pattaya, Thailand

Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Lions Club of Bangkok Silom 310-D took immense pleasure in spending the day at ‘Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities Pattaya‘ under the leadership of Lion President — Lion Sonya Manwani and derived ineffable happiness in facilitating their dwelling with pampers(M/L) / Garbage bags / Shampoo / Under-garments / Dettol / Milk powder(Brand: Ensure) / Washing machine / Power band aids / Plasters / Micro pol / Gauze cloth gloves(S/M) / Roll-on / Norfloxacin medicine.  It was an impressively satisfactory day spent all in all. Simple Definition of charity. : the act of giving money, food, or other kinds of help to people who are poor, sick, etc. “No one has ever become poor by giving.” Special thanks to Lion Sunny and Lion Shyam for organizing the entire charity trip.

Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya
Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities, Pattaya




Tourism Ministry joins with banks and digital services to stimulate Songkran spending

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports has joined hands with digital partners to offer spending and travel incentives at the same time as promoting safe and appropriate revelry during the holiday period.

Tourism and Sports Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul said her ministry expects up to 495,000 foreign tourists to enter Thailand during the Songkran festival and up to 8 billion baht in circulation, up 34 percent from last year. Domestic spending is forecast at 7 billion baht.

The ministry has joined with the Thai Bankers Association to waive deposit and withdrawal fees during the period of April 13-17 to promote circulation of money. Its digital partners are also offering promotions and rewards for dining, shopping and engaging in sporting activities from April 11-17. The promotions can be found at

Kobkarn has assured that up to 4,000 police officers have been deployed to ensure safety during the festive period and that travelers will be safe. Nonetheless, she asked that revelers act appropriately and be mindful of their safety.


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Thailand’s first glass skywalk will be open to public in March

Thailand’s first glass skywalk in Nong Khai province is expected to be open at the end of March. It is also dubbed the most beautiful sightseeing spot in the province.

The U-shaped skywalk, which is now 90% complete, is situated at Wat Pha Tak Suea temple in Sangkhom District. It is built on a cliff near the temple. It is sixteen meters long, and comes complete with glass floors and walls.

Its entire structure also extends six meters beyond the cliff. Four-centimeter-thick tempered laminated glass is being used for the floor while rust proof metal is used to strengthen the supporting structure. Once completed, the glass skywalk will be able to accommodate up to 20 people at a time.

Costing a total of 17 million baht, the skywalk is designed as a connecting point in the tourist route that links Nong Khai with Loei and Bung Kan provinces.

PNECO590310001000201_10032016_013042 PNECO590310001000202_10032016_013042 PNECO590310001000203_10032016_013042

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#JaiGangaaJal ‘Completely engrossed throughout the film and enjoyed’ Reviewed by Beena Hora

By Beena Hora

Watching a film with friends with whom you can have a critical discussion about it during and after it is always enjoyed. Leaving behind the choice of watching The Revenant and opting for Jai GangaaJal was entirely my idea and although my friends were skeptical about doing so as they hadn’t heard much about this particular Bollywood release, we very completely engrossed throughout the film and enjoyed Prakash Jha’s debut as an actor in it. With Prakash Jha playing a pivotal role in the film and with Priyanka Chopra as the leading lady, the film takes you into a rural area of India where law is entirely in the hands of corrupt politicians and their gangs leaving the police officers helpless, a scenario typical of many parts of our country.

Priyanka Chopra like an old wine has outdone all her previous roles emoting perfectly. Actors like Manav Paul,the victimized girl, Rahul (who has made a guest appearance in Fitoor recently) playing the role of an activist in the film have all left a mark in their own way.

The film is three hours long but worth-seeing, especially for those who are fans of Prakash Jha.



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