The Curry Pot Indian food and Seafood Restaurant, Bangkok

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Restaurant offers truly authentic test of Indian cuisine and live seafood. Specialties include an extensive array of items from the tandoor oven and many other exotic dishes from Northern and Southern India. Also available are some delicious vegetarian dishes and specialties Jain food. Here is a suggestion we think will enhance your food experience at The Curry Pot and make is more adventurous and hopefully more enjoyable too. Indian food tastes best when eaten with your fingers. There is a tactile dimension added to the eating process . Besides, Indian food is designed to be eaten by hand. Breads are to be torn and wrapped around foods. Rice is customarily blended with curries so each mouthful is unique, If you eat off of a banana leaf trying to use a knife and fork would shred your plate. Eating with your fingers is a cultural experience everyone should experience while visiting an Indian restaurant. We will be pleased to provide finger bowls and or wet naps in order cleanup after your meal.

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