Feed the world love, not hatred – Sikh In Thailand have an amazing message

Feed the world love, not hatred – Sikh In Thailand have an amazing message

Thai Sikh Langar Seva group began providing free food distribution (Langar) from November 2015. Initially 50 boxes of food were distributed across different areas in Bangkok to people in need. As of 2018 we are doing weekly distributions at 3 different locations:

– Wednesday mornings at Taksin hospital in Klongsan area 10:30am onwards
– Wednesday evenings at Hua Lamphong 8pm onwards
– Sunday mornings 11am onwards in front of Sikh Temple Phahurat road.

The concept of Langar Seva was started 500 years ago by our first Guru who is Guru Nanank Dev ji. Food is to be given to all people regardless of their religion, status, gender and race. Guru ji told us to take 10% out of our income and use it for public service – this is called Daswand.

All the money the Thai Sikh Langar Seva Group gets is from the donations that members of the Sikh community here in Thailand contributes. The core reasons for doing Langar Seva are:

– to feed the needy.
– promote equality.
– build compassion in yourself.

1.) To feed the needy:
This is quite straight forward. If people are in need of food, feed them

2.) Promote equality:
Regardless of your status, religion, gender or race you should sit on the floor together eating the same food using the same type of utensils.

3.) Build compassion:
The more you give the more compassion you will build.

We also help when emergency situations arise – fires, floods, etc.

Guru ji told us to love all humanity equally. We are all together and all the same. We are one.

If you are interested in joining us please do contact us on the number below:

Pawan Singh:

Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa
Vaheguru ji ki Fateh

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