India Thai Chamber of Commerce Members Know Your Team for Elections 2015 – 2017

India Thai Chamber of Commerce Members Know Your Team for Elections 2015 – 2017

Elections for President & Executive Committee
India Thai Chamber of Commerce

Term 2015 – 2017 on April 2, 2015 at 18:30


Pradeep Agrawalla, Rakesh Sodhia, Ajit Mehta, Arun V Balimane, Harsh Vardhan Sethi, Jaimal Thakral, Samir Yamdagni, Kulthep Narula, Raju Manwani, Karan Singh, Tejas Kumar Dinkarlal & VB Singh

Vision for ChangeVote for Pradeep as President

The India – Thai Chamber of Commerce ( ITCC )  is the premium non-political, non-profit orientated legal entity for business people in Thailand who are involved in business between Thailand and India with a particular focus on Thai – Indian relationship. The ITCC is the most well recognized entity by the Thai Government.

1 Mission & Vision

1.1 Vision

To facilitate business opportunities by optimizing synergies between Thai and Indian businesses and raising standards of delivering responsible and sustainable business practices based on strong ethics and values which enhance the integrity of the chamber as the premier business association trusted by businesses and government alike.

1.2 Mission

To ensure we deliver according to the Object of the ITCC Constitution. We have a reasonably well-defined constitution and the object for the body, we WILL focus all our efforts on delivering the value to its members.

2  Team Profile – Why we are proud of this team

2.1  A clean team selected based on strong ethics and values

2.2 A professional team bringing market intelligence & best practises

2.3 Strong Leadership & diversity – Important dimension to effectiveness

Attached is the profile of our team in a brief.


3 Team Demographics – Analyze the Team Inside-Out


While all our team members are professional and strong in their capabilities, it is important to analyze the team as a whole and looking at the DYNAMICS of how the team will work. Enclosed please find in Annex 2, a detail analysis of the team as a whole.


Collectively the team represents a body that is young and “Prime” in life and business, eager to utilize their learning and strength to the benefit of ITCC. The age group of 40s is recognized as the most dynamic period, you team has an average age of 47 with youngest member in the mid 30s and the oldest member nearing 60. This team offers the broad perspective require to generate the needed success.


Collectively the team has been educated in Engineering and Business (Commerce) with many people having done their Master. Your team members are also recognized from the Top Schools in the world – we have three people from IIT, one from IIM and one from University of New York.


Collectively the team has management expertise in multiple areas and has hands-on experience in many business areas and practices. This empowers them to be able to understand your needs better and more importantly be able to represent ITCC membership in a more integral and responsible manner to trade associations, other chambers of commerce, potential investors and the Government.

4 How our team will make a difference

4.1  Ambassador Mentor Program

Having “icons” in the industry take leadership in identifying and problems for ITCC members. The Ambassador Mentor assists in leading initiatives, acquiring more membership and having better retention. (Details in Annex 3)

4.2 Distributed Leadership

Empowering teams to be able to execute on behalf of the President rather than to be a bottleneck.

4.3 Encourage Platform for Growth

Focus on finding strategies that will enable to members to promote their business and/or drive growth thru participation and engagement.

4.4 Provide Solutions for the Industry

Provide a platform of technology and solutions to industry for various topics – alternate energy, energy savings, nano-technology, etc.

4.5 Strong collaboration platform

Build strong relationships with Board of Trade, Foreign Chambers, JFTCC, ASEAN Committee, Indian Embassy and Indian & Thai Government bodies.

4.6 Improving Image of India & Indians

Indian diaspora around the world has proved how professional we are and how successful our businessmen are. Indians are getting a different level of recognition and we will strive to bring a positive change to the image of the chambers, its member and Indians as a whole.

4.7 Provide business / culture / management based training

To collaborate with large corporations along with our Ambassador Mentor, provide all ITCC members with a training program at discounted fee. This will ensure value addition and creation for the chamber members.

5 Our Expectation from the ITCC members


While we are willing to sacrifice our time in business and put all our energy into changing the dynamics of the chamber and be an organization that you all are proud about, we need the following things from you to ensure we can deliver the “Vision of Change” and bring to reality what we all from the chamber. They are –

5.1 Vote the right team into the chambers –that is US !!!

5.2 Your particpation in the chamber activities & initiatives

5.3 Your leadership in work groups that can bring growth opportunities to the chamber

5.4 Your encouragement – while we have the best of intent we have to overcome lot of inertia to ensure we move to the next level and need your positive encouragement

5.5 Making it fun – we have the most amount of success when we are “natural flow” and we will always be in “FLOW” is we are happy. we want to enjoy winning with you.




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