Lord Ganesha Idols -Reasons of Types

Lord Ganesha Idols -Reasons of Types

According Vastu, Ganesh idols made of different materials needs to be treated differently. The most important thing is the direction in which you should and should not place these Ganesh idols.

Silver Ganesha – A silver Ganesh idol is supposed to bring fame and publicity for you. If you have any silver Ganesh idol in your collection, place it in the Southeast, West or Northwest direction. According to vastu, never place these silver idols in South or Southwest direction.

Copper Ganesha– Installing copper Ganesh idol in home is believed to be good for those who desire descendants. Keep these copper Ganesh idols in East or South direction. Never keep these idols in Southwest and Northwest directions.

Wood Ganesha– Wooden Ganesh idols, including those made of sandalwood, has many benefits. We worship these idols for good health, long life and success. So keep the wooden Ganesh idol in the North, northeast or east directions. Do not keep these idols in the southeast direction.

Clay Ganesha– Clay Ganesh idol also has multiple benefits. Worshiping these clay idols ensures you success, good health and helps you in removing obstacles. However, never keep these clay idols in the west or north direction. You are supposed to keep them at southwest direction.

Brass Ganesha– Ganesh idols made of brass brings prosperity and joy to your house. These brass Ganesh idols are supposed to be placed at east, south or west directions. At the same time, never keep these idols in northeast or northwest directions.

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