Mass Participation is Expected at the Largest Gaensha Festival in Thailand

Mass Participation is Expected at the Largest Gaensha Festival in Thailand


Vishwa Hindu Parishad Association Thailand and Partners are set to host the Largest Ganesh Festival 2016 events in Bangkok and Nakhorn Nayok at eight locations in Thailand during 5th to 11th Sep 2016. 

The purpose of these events is to celebrate the annual Ganesh Chaturthi (Birthday of Lord Ganesha = Phra Phi Kanesh) festival and promote historical social and cultural relations between India and Thailand. 

This year, the festival activities are also aimed to celebrate the 70th anniversary of His Majesty the King’s accession to the throne and pray for the good health and wellness of the Royal Family and prosperity in Thailand.

The Ganesha Festival @ Bangkok on Saturday, 10th Sep 2016 at National Stadium BTS Station (Near MBK Shopping Mall) is being organized by VHP Association Thailand and partners and supported by Hindu Temples and Associations of Thai & Indian community. It is expected more than 10,000 devotees of Shri Ganesha will join this largest celebration in the heart of Bangkok. Devotees of Ganesha will enjoy variety of activities throughout the day such as Ganehsa Sthapna Pujan, Dahi Handi Celebration, Vegetarian Food and Souvenir Stalls, Ganesha Maha Bhog, We Love Ganesha Painting Competition and the spectacular cultural program to promote local talent in Thailand. 

7th Ganesha Festival @ Nakhorn Nayok on Sunday, 11th Sep 2016 will be jointly organized by VHP Association Thailand and Utthyan Ganesh Temple, Nakhorn Nayok during 5-11 Sep 2016. Visarjan of idols of Shri Ganesha in a ceremonial procession is scheduled on Sunday 11th Sep 2016 from Bangkok to Nakhorn Nayok. Similar to previous years, thousands of devotees will join the Ganesha festival at Nakhorn Nayok and about 1,500 devotees will travel from Bangkok. Visarjan ceremony will be jointly organized by Ganesha festival partners at Nakhorn Nayok. 

Lai Haraoba, a talented female group led by Ms. Devlina Kumar, India will also perform live at above festival location supported by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and Embassy of India in Thailand. 

H.E. Shri Bhagwant S. Bishnoi, Ambassdor of India to Thailand will join the Ganesha Festival celebration as Chief Guest of Honor. 

“We believe that this Largest Ganesha festival in Thailand will further develop people-to-people interactions and strengthen socio-economic and cultural relations between India and Thailand. said Susheel Kumar Saraff, President, VHP Association Thailand”.

All are welcome to join the Ganesha’s divine blessings events.

For further information, please contact:

Shri Ganesha Festival Events Secretariat

Call: 081 890 6227



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