Sachin’s approach towards the game has changed: Kapil

NEW DELHI: Kapil Dev is not surprised by Sachin Tendulkar’s sublime form in the last couple of years, and says that Tendulkar has been playing in this manner because his approach towards the game has changed.

“Sachin has been the most talented player in decades. His approach was different 10 years ago. He was making records and entertaining the fans but was also under tremendous pressure. Now he is playing with more freedom,” Kapil told TOI on Monday.

“Just look at the way Sachin is batting even at the age of 37. Had he batted like this when he was 28, other contemporary greats like Ricky Ponting and Brian Lara would not have come anywhere near him. Such is Sachin’s talent.

“What I like about Sachin’s batting is his sound technique. And if you have that, age is just a number. Given Sachin’s talent, it’s not at all surprising he has broken the records he has. It’s God’s gift and no one can take it away from him. His current form is surely great for Indian cricket,” said the legendary all-rounder.

So, how long does he expect Tendulkar to play like this? “It’s for Sachin to decide when he plans to retire. I guess as long as he is enjoying cricket and is fit, Sachin will keep persevering and producing match-winning performances for his team. We should just sit back and enjoy,” Kapil said.

Kapil also backed Yuvraj Singh and asked his critics to be patient with the cricketer. “Yuvraj is very talented. He is going through a lean patch and is coming out of an injury. Give him some time and he will be alright. His form will depend on how well he works on his fitness,” he said.

He also had a word or two for the Indian pace department. “These days, the culture is to bowl straight. But if you look at the great fast bowlers, all of them were able to move the ball well. All said and done, you have to swing the ball to be successful,” Kapil said.

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