Special lanes open to accommodate holidaymakers returning to BKK

The Royal Thai Police has opened special lanes in 15 locations to prevent traffic congestion as holidaymakers are making their way back to Bangkok.

National Police Deputy Spokesperson Pol Col Kritsana Pattanacharoen revealed that traffic police have been deployed to major roads in Bangkok since Tuesday morning to keep traffic moving and prevent accidents.

Special lanes have been opened in 15 spots on Highway 32, Mittraphap, Asia and Pahonyothin Roads to relieve traffic congestion as holidaymakers are beginning to return from the North and Northeast of the country.

The Deputy Spokesperson said the numbers of road fatalities and injuries declined significantly due to road safety campaigns and strict law enforcement. He attributed the decline to public cooperation.

Pol Col Kritsana also urged people to drive carefully and stop for a rest if necessary to ensure their safe return.

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