Movie Review: Satyameva Jayate

We all have seen corruption and apathy in the government and police force etc. from close quarters at some point in our lives. Most of the times, we have not protested and merely given up since the thought of taking on the system is just too much. But imagine if you could teach these corrupt officials a lesson. Milap Milan Zaveri’s SATYAMEVA JAYATE promises you to get into that space and give you a kick in seeing baddies facing a crushing defeat from an aam aadmi, as evident from the trailers. So does SATYAMEVA JAYATE turn out to be as action-packed, massy and satisfying as expected? Or does it fail? Let’s analyse.

SATYAMEVA JAYATE is the story of a vigilante on a killing spree for a personal reason. Veer (John Abraham) is an acclaimed artist who has taken up a mission to kill corrupt cops. His first target is Sadashiv Patil (Abhishek Khandekar). He sets him on fire alive and then sends his ashes to his police station in Santacruz, Mumbai. In no time, he bumps off Inspector Irrfan Qadri (Shaikh Sami Usman) from Andheri Police Station in the same manner. DCP Shivansh Rathod (Manoj Bajpayee) is given the charge of this case by the Commissioner (Manish Chaudhary). Veer meanwhile meets Shikha (Aisha Sharma) at a beach clean-up drive and both fall for each other. Meanwhile, Veer challenges Shivansh to stop him from killing his next target. Shivansh fails and Veer manages to eliminate Inspector Damle (Ganesh Yadav) of Thane Police Station. Shivansh is shaken by Veer’s audacity and his fearlessness and he goes on an overdrive in trying to know who his next target would be. Finally, Shivansh cracks the modus operandi of Veer. Shivansh realizes that Inspector Bhonsle (Rajesh Khera) from Yari Road police station is the next one in line. Shivansh lays a trap and is all set to catch Veer. What happens next forms the rest of the film.
Milap Milan Zaveri’s story is simplistic, massy and something that the masses would applaud. Milap Milan Zaveri’s screenplay is also on the same lines but it gets repetitive. There’s no novelty value left after a point with regards to the killing of the cops. Also it’s a bit flawed. For instance, Veer giving all the clues through his painting was a bit too convenient. The climax is a bit confusing especially actions of Shikha. Milap Milan Zaveri’s dialogues however are completely paisa vasool and would be greeted with seetis and taalis!
Milap Milan Zaveri’s direction reminds one of the 90s action dramas. Although it works in most parts, at some places the film begins to give a dated feel. In the second half, he could have executed the killing sequences differently as that would have enhanced interest. Moreover, the film gets a bit stretched towards the finale and perhaps, he could have avoided this aspect too.
SATYAMEVA JAYATE begins with a dhamaka and the excitement keeps going. The entry of DCP Shivansh in the narrative adds to the fun. Veer’s first ever call to Shivansh is quite a dramatic sequence. The manner in which the three cops are eliminated are also quite interesting and viewers would surely root for these sequences. But the best sequence of the first half is the ‘namaaz’ sequence. Single screen audiences would go crazy at this point. The intermission point comes as a bolt from the blue. Post-intermission, the hospital sequence stands out. But then the film drops as it becomes too overdramatic and repetitive. Even the finale would be received with mixed reactions.

John Abraham delivers a fabulous, nuanced performance. John is known for his action avatar majorly and his role in SATYAMEVA JAYATE is definitely the best as compared to other such flicks of recent times like FORCE 2, ROCKY HANDSOME and DISHOOM. Watch out for the way he dons a cunning act in the hospital sequence. Manoj Bajpayee provides able support and enhances impact in some scenes. His confrontation with Veer at various points is too good. Aisha Sharma makes a confident debut but sadly doesn’t have much to do in the film. Amruta Khanvilkar (Sarita) is completely wasted and that’s unfortunate considering that she just gave a memorable performance in RAAZI. Manish Chaudhary is fine but hams a lot in the climax. Rajesh Khera leaves the maximum impact out of the police officers. Ganesh Yadav comes next. Abhishek Khandekar, Shaikh Sami Usman and Ankur Sharma (Inspector Mohan Shrivastav) are okay. Chetan Pandit (Inspector Shiv Rathod) leaves a mark. Archita Agarwal (Muslim girl harassed by cop) has a good screen presence. Nora Fatehi looks and dances like a dream and is quite sizzling.
The songs don’t have much purpose in the film. ‘Dilbar’ is the best of the lot and this chartbuster is very well picturised. ‘Paniyon Sa’ doesn’t register an impact while ‘Tajdar-E-Haram’ is relegated to the background. Sanjoy Chowdhury’s background score is dramatic and exhilarating.
Nigam Bomzan’s cinematography is decent while Priya Suhas’ production design is a bit poor but works well for this film as it’s based in a realistic setting. Amin Khatib and Ravi Verma’s action is the highpoint of the film. It’s not too gory but at the same time feels quite raw and real. Maahir Zaveri’s editing should have been crisper.
On the whole, SATYAMEVA JAYATE is a powerful and gripping drama that leaves an impact as it resonates with the problems of the common man. It is sure to work big time in the single screens where the various scenes are bound to induce claps and whistles. This one is for the masses!

Divyanka Tripathi talks about her bond with Ekta Kapoor, says “Working with a lady boss is always amazing”

Ye Hai Mohabbatein fame actress Divyanka Tripathi, who has developed a special bond with the show’s producer Ekta Kapoor, says working with a female visionary is a fun and an amazing experience. She considers Ekta an inspiration for many women to step into the business of entertainment behind the camera.

“Working with a lady boss is always amazing and more fun. Ekta is a very creative person and always gives us the right suggestion. Perhaps that also comes from the fact that apart from being a producer, she is also a writer. She pampers all of us and she deserves all the respect that she has earned over a period of time,” Divyanka told IANS in an interview.

While gender equality in the entertainment business is a raging subject of discussion, especially at a time when the number of women crew members behind the camera is on the rise, Divyanka says Ekta started things way before the constant talk on feminism started on public forums and social media.

“There are many reasons why I respect Ekta and one of them is where she started from. Though she is the daughter of a yesteryear superstar like Jeetendraji, she started making her TV shows at the basement of her house and went on to become one of the influential names in the business of TV entertainment. I think she is an inspiration to many women.” The show “Ye Hai Mohabbatein” started in 2013 and continues to run today with a steady popularity.

Asked if she expected such success, in the beginning, Divyanka said: “Honestly, we never had the expectation to match up the TRP race and survive, so successfully with the show because the storyline of our show was very different when we started five years ago.

“Here, the leading lady gets emotionally attached to a little girl and that is how ending up getting married to a divorced man. Later they fall in love as a couple. Since the story was very different, we kept working on it, expecting to connect with the audience with a certain conviction. “Of course now it is much easier to continue the show as we have managed to establish all the characters well in the memory of our audience. Now, we, fortunately, have a strong base of fans and followers.”

Does she find a difference in her own performance after so many years? “I think I have grown as an actress in these five years, but I loved those days of the beginning of our show where my character was pretty new and naive,” Divyanka said.

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ABCD 2 tweet review: Prabhu Dheva, Lauren Gottlieb, Shraddha Kapoor, Varun Dhawan win applause from the film industry!


This dance fiesta is getting praise from all corners…

ABCD 2 releases tomorrow. But all those who were lucky enough to have a look at the film’s premier and the press show were all going gaga over it. Not just people from the film industry but also from outside were applauding the film. Here’s what some of them tweeted:

Sonakshi Sinha: If u ❤️ to dance u cant miss #ABCD2. If u dont ❤️ to dance, even then u cant miss it!Vd, shraddha, lauren n all the dancers r OUTSTANDING!!

Elli Avram: #ABCD2 !! Awesome couldn’t sit still for a moment just wanted to groove with them and Prabhu Deva is seriously mind blowing!!! #wooplove

Kamal Rashid Khan: Just now @Varun_dvn said on @ETCBollywood that #ABCD2 has super hit music. Bhai Aaj Maan Gaye Ki Apko music Ki Bahut knowledge hai!

Manisha Lakhe: this @Varun_dvn gets better with every movie. His suresh is a dude in #ABCD2 , but I still love his ‘tera dhiyaan kidhar hai’. #ABCD2 has super dances. but it goes on and on like someone else’s kids ki school ka annual day!

Raghuvendra Singh: Just watched #ABCD2 and enjoyed it. It’s all about dance & dance. @ShraddhaKapoor & @Varun_dvn have killed it. Wow guys!

Aniruddha Guha: Had a pretty good time at #ABCD2. Delivers massively on the dance front, with every trick in the book crammed in. Will be a huge hit.

Kunal M Shah: Outstanding mindblowing brilliant #ABCD2 take a bow @remodsouza @Varun_dvn @ShraddhaKapoor @LaurenGottlieb @PDdancing & Team ABCD

Su Singh: #LesTwins make the maximum impact in minimum time in #ABCD2. You will never see such fluid moves. #dance

Ananya Bhattacharya: As I begin writing the review of @Varun_dvn-@ShraddhaKapoor’s #ABCD2, the body battles the head. Get up and dance vs sit and write. Well.

Heena Parnani: @ShraddhaKapoor such a suprise package you are! Acting, singing & now dancing! @Varun_dvn you’re simply amazing as always! #ABCD2. @remodsouza does it again with #ABCD2! @Varun_dvn, @ShraddhaKapoor & team hats off to you all! Relived the memories of #DID season!

Monarch Vercetti: @Varun_dvn Bhai RT spree pe mat utar aao! Picture acchi bani hai, chalegi! :) #ABCD2

Starring Prabhu Dheva, Lauren Gottlieb, Shraddha Kapoor and Varun Dhawan, ABCD 2 has been directed by Remo D’Souza. Keep reading this space for the full movie review in sometime!

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