Char Coal Tandoor Grill & Mixology at Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Bangkok

food-drinks-bg From India’s Northwestern frontier, Charcoal brings classic cuisine to the modern metropolis. Here, the kebabs are king. Pulled off the appetizers menu and brought centre stage, these skewers of tender meat, vegetables and paneer are cooked to perfection in authentic clay ovens. Experience these delicious treasures from the wild borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan, flavoured with exotic marinades and fragrant rubs and grilled with wisdom and passion. For a true dynastic feast, Charcoal has handpicked delicacies from the Royal house of Mughals including the infamous Dum Ki Raan, a whole leg of succulent slow-cooked lamb. Be enchanted by the mystery and history, flavours and aromas of a forgotten cuisine and dig in with your hands.

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