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Do you ever find yourself in a queue at your local bank waiting to make a transfer, wondering what all you could be doing instead? Don’t forget the time you’re spending sitting in anticipation for your money to reach your family back home.

With DeeMoney’s mobile application, you’re just a couple clicks away from transferring money internationally. No more waiting. No more long queues. No more morning runs to the bank!

Now the question is, with so much time to yourself, how are you going to spend it? Let us know by commenting below how you plan on spending all that FREE time.


☎ Call DeeMoney: 028215555
🖥 Visit DeeMoney’s website: bit.ly/dee-money
✉ Get in touch with DeeMoney here: bit.ly/DeeMoney

*VAT extra

Do you get dispirited every time you go to your bank to make an international money transfer?

You may feel this way because you have experienced the following at your unpleasant visit.

👎 A pile of unnecessary paperwork to fill out
👎 High fees on your transactions
👎 Lack of instantaneous international money transfers

We know exactly how we would feel if we had to go through that pain for every international transfer we made!

At DeeMoney, we are helping you raise your spirits.

👍 We only ask for 1 identification from you upon registration
👍 We are asking you to pay only 150 THB* on all your transfers
👍 We provide a mobile application complete with our services

Learn more about our service at the link below and begin getting rid of your pain points.

☎ Call DeeMoney: 028215555
🖥 Visit DeeMoney’s website: bit.ly/dee-money
✉ Get in touch with DeeMoney here: bit.ly/DeeMoney

*VAT extra

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