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Do you ever find yourself in a queue at your local bank waiting to make a transfer, wondering what all you could be doing instead? Don’t forget the time you’re spending sitting in anticipation for your money to reach your family back home.

With DeeMoney’s mobile application, you’re just a couple clicks away from transferring money internationally. No more waiting. No more long queues. No more morning runs to the bank!

Now the question is, with so much time to yourself, how are you going to spend it? Let us know by commenting below how you plan on spending all that FREE time.


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✉ Get in touch with DeeMoney here: bit.ly/DeeMoney

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Do you get dispirited every time you go to your bank to make an international money transfer?

You may feel this way because you have experienced the following at your unpleasant visit.

👎 A pile of unnecessary paperwork to fill out
👎 High fees on your transactions
👎 Lack of instantaneous international money transfers

We know exactly how we would feel if we had to go through that pain for every international transfer we made!

At DeeMoney, we are helping you raise your spirits.

👍 We only ask for 1 identification from you upon registration
👍 We are asking you to pay only 150 THB* on all your transfers
👍 We provide a mobile application complete with our services

Learn more about our service at the link below and begin getting rid of your pain points.

☎ Call DeeMoney: 028215555
🖥 Visit DeeMoney’s website: bit.ly/dee-money
✉ Get in touch with DeeMoney here: bit.ly/DeeMoney

*VAT extra

Sawadee.com Chose TravPax to power its operations


Sawadee.Com Public company, one of Thailand biggest online hotel Bookings B2C website chose TravPax system to power their best available hotel rates, reservations and more.

TravPax Solutions (Singapore) today announced that they have signed an agreement with Web Sawadee Plc to implement TravPax 4.4 with its fully automated reservation system and “cheapest available rate” selection.

TravPax will allow Sawadee.com to increase its inventory to a worldwide scale, optimise hotels cost by instantly comparing the best price among multiple suppliers which result with best deal offering to its worldwide customers.

TravPax Automated reservation system for online and offline agreement will support Sawadee.com optimization strategy to considerably accelerate time to market by allowing its vast worldwide clients to receive instant confirmation with the best possible rate if its online via the agent portal or offline through the call centre.


About Web Sawadee Plc

Web Sawadee Plc a global travel portal through its www.sawadee.com and www.r24.org brand, it is providing online travel/tourism-related information along with a user-friendly booking system and a secure payment gateway. The thorough use of state-of-the-art technology is allowing a rapid and sustainable growth. Over the years, Web Sawadee Plc has become one of the leading inbound agencies in Thailand. Web Sawadee Plc is active in the prepaid voucher travel based tour operating incoming into Thailand. It is one of the largest online agencies in Thailand, generating 480,000 room-nights with destination Thailand with 320,000 travellers

Historical dates are Sawadee Internet Service Ltd. Part. has been established in Jan 1997 then SamuiNET Travel has been established since Oct1998 and then changed to Web Sawadee Co., Ltd. in Aug2000 and finally received the Public Limited Company status on Dec 2004.





About TravPax Solutions

The TravPax system is industry wide recognized as the most technologically advanced, low cost yet high

yield Travel Management solution available. It is cloud based and already working with some of the biggest Travel Agents and Tour Operators in Asia as well as GDS & Airline operators. TravPax fully covers every business aspect in the travel industry. With a powerful FIT & Group Reservation System, Operation Management System, Accounting Modules for AR/AP along with Product Management Modules for Hotels, Flights, Tours, Transfers, Sightseeing, Car Rentals in single and multi, dynamic packages.

For Media Enquiries please contact info@TravPax.com


Sawadee.com Chose TravPax to power its operations

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