Thai Indian in Thailand !!! New Bollywood stars might be You !!!

Thai Indian in Thailand !!! New Bollywood stars might be You !!!

Thai Indian in Thailand !!! New Bollywood stars might be You !!!
Bollywood Mr and Miss India 2018 Thailand (Audition)

All Thai-Indian ,
if you have a dream to be someone in Bollywood .Here comes your opportunity .Only you just have a Big dream confident .And all your talents, sing dance act and fluent in English are preferable.
This is the chance that one will never miss.

Studio 19 Films is an au-courant media and Entertainment Company and an official provider of wings to various Bollywood dreams.

Don’t miss an opportunity to shine. An extensive grooming session wa given to all the selected candidates for polishing them to show their true shine on Grand Finale in front of celebrities, bureaucrats & high profile dignitaries, page 3 crowd & all the major media including a portfolio which will also be done by a renowned fashion photographer.

Grooming Sessions include-Ramp Walk, Camera Facing, Self Introduction, Speech Letter, Body Language, Eye Contacts, Voice Modulation, Enunciation and Pronunciations, Conversational Techniques, Build Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem, Dancing, Yoga, Meditation, Hair Styling, Makeup, Poses & Styling, Clothes & corporate Culture, Color Strategies for Dresses, Personal Props and Accessories, Fine Dining, Styles of Eating, How to Eat Various Foods, Foods to Avoid, Travel Etiquette, Developing your Professional and Personal Image, Small Talk and Networking, Social Media Power, Greetings Sharing, Making a Great First Impression, Visiting Cards Exchange, How to Make Proper Introductions, Paying & Receiving Compliments, Increase Valuable Business Relationship, Designer Terminology, Corporate Role Play.
The event was attended in the presence of celebrities like Mr. Arbaaz Khan(Actor/Director/Producer), Mahima Chaudhary (Actress), Ms. Sana Khan (Actress), Rajneesh Duggal (Actor; Model), Mr. Yash Ahlawat (Actor & Film Financier), Ms. Claudia Ciesla (Actress), Debina Bonnerjee (Bollywood &TV star), Simran Kaur (TV Actress) and a lot of other high profile dignitaries of Delhi.

Our Promo & Show were telecast in Zoom Channel on Television.
India 2017.

‘Bollywood Mr. & Ms. India 2018’ Season -2 in 2018. There will be a stay in 5 star hotel for 6 days at Crowne Plaza Rohini,



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The new Bollywood star might be You

Bollywood Mr. & Miss India 2018 Thailand” Monday 23 July2561

Audition 2 rounds 12.00-14.00

1st round Audition 15.00-17.00

2nd round Audition 16.00 Jury arrive for t reception

Reception and meeting 16.30 reception 17.00

Embassay of India Trade Representative Dr.Sanjay Kumar The President the event begins

17.05 Salinee welcome all the guests

17.10-Mrs. Hashu Kambel presents Objective of the contest Bollywood Mr. & Miss India 2018 Thailand”

17.15 Dr.Sanjay Kumar Embassy of India The president of the ceremony mark speech opening for India Smart Cities .

17.20 Opening Photo session 17.00 Man Watanyou sing a song to warm up the stage

17.15 น.The audition begins and announce the Top the 11 final list

18.30 น. Invitation Thai Cinderella Billionaire Who open new market in India share India the digitalized smart cities in Asia

18.35.Mrs Serena Denise Thai Australian from Australia make a present before participation in Lady of Brilliancy International in Taiwan

18.40 น. Announcement of The Finalist from Thailand Bollywood Mr.&Miss India and 10 runners up

18.40 Photo Session

19.00 End of the Grand Audition with DJ Bollywood Dance after party

The Style Souk