The King’s Birthday, Father’s Day, National Day

The King’s Birthday, Father’s Day, National Day


King Bhumibol Adulyadej was born on December 5, and this day is now celebrated as Father’s Day across Thailand. Thai people may give a ‘dok Buddha ruksa’ (also known as canna flower) to their fathers and grandfathers on this day. Many people also wear yellow, which is the king’s color. This day is also celebrated as National Day. The reverence in which the people of Thailand hold their king cannot be overestimated.

This celebration is also referred to as Thai Father’s day since the King is the symbolic father of Thailand. The King and Queen are revered for they generosity and caring for the Thai people. There are numerous royal projects aimed at improving the life and health of the Thai people. A list of their accomplishments is long and impressive.

It is worth noting that Thailand has had a constitutional monarchy since 1937. King Bhumibol is the longest reigning king is the world. His Majesty is so revered by the people of Thailand.


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