Tourists spotted at famous destinations around the kingdom

Tourists spotted at famous destinations around the kingdom

People are spending quality time with their families at tourist places all around Thailand.

In Phetchabun province, tourists from various cities have been flocking to Khao Kho district to spend a chilly night there and to watch the sunrise over the Takian Ngo Peak. The temperature in the district can drop to as low as 13 degrees Celsius at night.

Meanwhile, in Yala province, the Yala Chamber of Commerce is inviting Thai and foreign tourists to enter a sea of fog at Khuhaphimuk Temple. Those interested can call 073-211288 for more information.

During the past year, Betong district of Yala was visited by at least 700,000 people. The number is expected to increase 30-50% once the new airport is finished. The airport is now under construction and will be operational in 2019.

In Nong Khai province, some 20,000 people are crossing the Thai-Laotian border on a daily basis during New Year holidays, twice as many as on other occasions. Security measures have been tightened to ensure public safety.

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