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Marketing and investment strategies in Myanmar, India

To encourage Thai SME operators to enter the international market, the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP) aims to urge them to invade Myanmar, Cambodian, Chinese and Indian markets. Therefore, it has organized seminars on “Penetrating a Near Market, Invading a Large Market.” At the 2nd seminar on “Penetrating a Near Market (Myanmar), […]

Sugar tax increase takes effect October 1st

A sugar tax increase is going to take effect from October 1st, this the second round of taxes that the Thai government is levying on sugary drinks. From October the first, sugary beverages, namely sodas, ready-to-drink green tea, coffee, energy drinks and fruit juice, are going to be taxed at a higher rate in line […]

DeeMoney partners with AXA to offer free insurance to vulnerable underserved foreign population working and living in Thailand

DeeMoney to offer free accidental insurance protection to its customers underwritten by AXA Insurance. DeeMoney, the award winning money transfer operator, offers 24×7, fast, affordable and secure international money remittance services to the vast foreign work force living and working in Thailand. These customers remit money back to their home country regularly every month and […]