From India to Starbucks: Exciting journey of Laxman Narasimha, the new CEO with a salary of Rs 144 crore

From India to Starbucks: Exciting journey of Laxman Narasimha, the new CEO with a salary of Rs 144 crore

Being born and raised in Pune, India, Laxman Narasimhan has a great advantage of being able to speak various languages due to living in many different countries. Additionally, he became a barista – a person who specializes in making espresso coffee.
Monday marked the beginning of Laxman Narasimhan’s tenure as Chief Executive Officer of Starbucks, prior to the scheduled date. He has been appointed to the position after the company’s founder, Howard Schultz.
A new chief executive has taken the helm at Starbucks. An image of the new CEO can be seen above. The Times UK website reported the change in leadership.

About Laxman Narasimha?

Narasimhan, aged 55, originates from India, having been born and brought up in Pune. He has since lived in several different countries, which has enabled him to be proficient in various languages. Furthering his expertise, he also became a barista – an expert in preparing espresso coffee. Let’s explore the background of this individual.

For three decades, Laxman had been a major contributor to the modifications of Reckit’s consumer products and Pepsico. He was appointed to the board of directors of the company and started at Starbucks in October of the past year.

His Educational Background

Narsimhan earned his Mechanical Engineering degree from the Colleges of Engineering, University of Pune, India. For graduate studies, he attended the Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania, where he was awarded a Master of Arts in German and International Studies. Additionally, he obtained his MBA in Finance from the Wharton School of the same school.

The global coffee chain Starbucks has recently appointed a new CEO. This individual will be responsible for leading the company in its future endeavors. It is expected that the new CEO will help the company to continue its growth and success.

The jobs he has had

His background includes a record of various work experiences. He has had a variety of roles in his career.

Prior to becoming the CEO of Starbucks, he was the head of Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc. During his past, he filled many different positions at PepsiCo and was employed by McKinsey and Company for almost two decades.

When the Coronavirus outbreak began, Laxman Narsimhan held the top position at Reckitt, the global customer health business. His guidance enabled the company to traverse the difficult times of lockdowns and health crises. Moreover, he spearheaded a business-wide mission to reposition the customer brands of Reckitt in the higher-demand segments, initiated the makeover of the renowned labels of the firm, and broadened the e-commerce presence of Reckitt.

His Expedition at Starbucks

He embarked on a venture at Starbucks, taking steps that would eventually lead to success. He experienced a great deal of growth and development along the way. From working hard to learning new skills, he was able to make the most of his experience. By the end of his journey, he had made a real impact at the company.

In October 2022, Laxman Narsimhan was named the interim CEO of the Tata-owned Starbucks. His official appointment began on the 1st of April, 2023. While at Starbucks, Laxman’s go-to drink is a hot cup of doppio espresso macchiato with skim milk.

He was appointed a trustee of the Brookings Institution and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Additionally, he is a part of the UK Prime Minister’s Build Back Better Council, as well as a Board of Directors member at Verizon.

Where he has resided has been determined by his job. According to the Starbucks website, locations he has been based include the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

In 1971, the co-founders of Starbucks, a globally-recognized franchise of coffeehouses, were Siegl.

The words he spoke

Narasimhan expressed his humbleness when assuming the position of Starbucks CEO, noting the 4,50,000 green apron partners that work for the chain around the world. He further commented on the impressive legacy that Schultz had created, building the company from the ground up with an unwavering commitment to positively affect the lives of its customers. Narasimhan felt privileged to have the chance to build upon this strong foundation.