Kn Som as everyone lovingly calls her, has been in tourism business for 54 years.  She is the General Manager of S.S Group which was established in 1977 which is now a General Sales Agent of Air India in Thailand for more than 43 years. She owns two more companies, Express International travel which is now an IATA/BSP agent and Oriole Travel and Tours which is a GSA for ticketing and cargo of Drunk Air.

Mrs. Somsong Sachaphimukh 
Somsong Sachaphimukh

Kn Som is married to Mr. Sutham Sachaphimukh (Raj Sachdev) who was the Former President of India Thai Chamber of Commerce (ITCC), Indian Association of Thailand (IAT), International Air Ticket Agency Association (ITA), Rotary Club of Bangrak.

Very gracefully she took it upon herself to serve not only the Thai community but the Indian community in her own way. She is very well admired by the Indians exapt and the locals equally.

 She is the Vice President of India-Thai Chamber of Commerce . She received the highest votes from 24 nominees becoming the first Lady for the position of Vice President of India-Thai Chamber of Commerce since established for approximately 60 years.

She was also appointed to be one of the organization committees (being only Thai lady of 6 committee) and did a great deal of work in arranging and coordinating the welcoming ceremony “Sawasdee P.M Modi” on 2 November, 2019 at Nimitbutr Stadium, Bangkok for H.E. Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, visited Thailand. The event turned out to be a grand success with almost five thousand Indians participating.  In this regard, I received the appreciation letter from the then H.E.Mrs. Suchitra Durai, Indian Ambassador.

She herself is the Vice President of Tourism Council of Thailand for more than 15 years. 

 Moreover, The Prime Minister of Thailand, H.E. General Prayut Chan-O-Cha,  appointed her as being the “Proficient Specialist in the Committee of National Tourism Policy” for the third terms (2 years for each term)

 She is also the Vice President of India Association of Thailand, Executive Committee of Thai-Srilanka Chamber of Commerce, Committee of the National Anti-Corruption Commission , Committee of  Thailand Tourism Award,  Committee of  Singing  Award (Salachalermkrung of King Rama 7) under Royal Patronage, Sub-Committee of  Chor-sa-ard Award  ,Sub-Committee of The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC).

Mrs. Somsong Sachaphimukh 

During Covid-19 pandemic, S.S Travel Service, cooperated with the Government of India through the  Embassy of India in Bangkok , Immigration Department  and  Air India  arranged  “Vande Bharat Mission” enabling  more than 115  Evacuation Flights to India in order to transfer lot of Indian people approximately 23,000 people  who remain  in Thailand  since  May, 2020  till March, 2022 .  Her company also arranged the charter flight to take Indian people in Thailand to Madras, India and take Thai people back to Thailand.

I asked her about her early childhood and she said,

“I was born on 13 November, 1948 in Singburi Province, Thailand.  I am the youngest sister of 4 siblings .  My father was the government officer and passed away when I was 9 years old.  My mother was the agriculturist, but she was cheated and lost 64,000 square meters of land.

This caused me to do my early education in secondary school only in Singburi Province.  At that time, I came to Bangkok for working and stayed with my relative who was CID police officer.   I continued my further education in tourism and air ticketing course at Bangkok Poly Technical School in Bangkok.”

She has come a long way with her sheer determination and keeps motivating others around her.

She is always there for all the meetings of #Women Power a Global Movement despite her busy schedule. She is there on time with a huge packet of fresh and crisp assorted nuts for all the participants. What is most endearing about her is her love for her husband as she talks about him and his achievement with great pride.

 Her immaculate dressing, cheerful smile and positivity brings a lot of energy to the meetings, and I personally feel motivated and encouraged. She is very content being a listener as women discuss their journey, predicament, and aspirations. She is truly our Woman of Excellence.


She has received a long list of awards which are named below.

  1. Thai Airway International since 2004 till present

“ Iron Lady of Thai Travel Industry”

  1.        2Prince Chulabhorn Walailak Crown Princess  since 2001-2014

“ Committee Singing Awards”

          3.Nepal Association of Tour & Travel Agents (NATTA) 9th January, 2014


  1.         Association of Buddhist Tour Operators (ABTO)

Lord Buddha Asean Countries Pace Award 2020”

  1.   Women Power A Global Movement 26 February, 2022


  1.  6. Indo Thai News 12 August, 2022


  1. Kalinga International Youth Foundation (KYF)

“Bharat Bandhu Samman 2022”

8.Asia One

“Asia’s Greatest Leaders 2022-2023”

9.International Brand Consulting Corporation ,USA

“ International Business Leadership Awards 2022”

  1. 10. Association of Buddhist Tour Operators (ABTO)

“ Asia Pacific Tourism Mitra Award 2022

This iron lady at 75 yrs of age is unstoppable and we are sure many more accolades and awards await her.