Sunil Kothari’s Biggest Contribution to Society – A Safer Childhood for All

Sunil Kothari’s Biggest Contribution to Society – A Safer Childhood for All

Child Awareness Camp at Tak Global Academy Ajmer

Ajmer city : Safe Childhood, Safe Future

Awareness campaign being run at the state level with the help of Rajasthan Police regarding increasing violence against children.

“Jaago Bachcho Jaago (Awaken Children Awaken)” programme was organized on this day at Tak Global Academy located in Ajmer city. Chief Guest RPS officer Chhavi Sharma and other local dignitaries were present at the programme organized with the kind help, support and cooperation of well-known businessman, philanthropist and social worker Mr. Sunil Kothari ji.

During the program, RPS Chhavi Sharma made the children aware about their child rights and went on to say that the children should immediately inform the police department if they happen to come across any unethical suspicious activity happening around them. With regard to POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012, is an Indian legislation that regulates child sexual abuse), and child trafficking, she further said that the government and the administration are trying their level best to stop this crime in every way, but children, parents and guardians also need to be vigilant of this crime. The more the Children will be aware and alert about their rights, to that extent child crimes will decrease.

CEO of ‘Jaago Marudhar Jaago’, Mr. Rajeev Ranjan Sinha, said that on the pretext of high salary, good job, etc., people tend to hand over their children into the wrong hands in ignorance without proper knowledge or deriving thorough information, due to which the probability of serious crimes like child trafficking and POCSO are committed. Hence, in order to prevent such crimes from taking place and in order to reduce the possibility of incidents of child abuse, people should not let their children fall into wrong hands without deriving accurate information.

The organization’s coordinator, Neha Srivastava, also expressed her views on child trafficking.