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#ThumDeeDaiDee Food Drive Going Strong Until May 15th

#ThumDeeDaiDee Food Drive Going Strong Until May 15th
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We have been overwhelmed with everyone’s kind and generous support for all those who have been negatively impacted with the current economic situation due to Covid-19.  We will be continuing the Food Drive until May 15th 2020 (until further notice) to support those who are still in need.

More and more are losing their jobs, have lost their usual income streams and are struggling deeply.  The queues are growing, not shrinking.  The heartbreaking stories are growing , not lessening.  Their reality is growing darker, not brighter.

We need your support to keep this going, to help them meet their needs with dignity.  Our aim is to serve a minimum of 1,000 hot meals per day, everyday.

To support us, please contact…

Megha : 0894996699
Raj : 0838969950

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