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The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) invites Indian and world citizens to submit their work of art, expressing their emotions, feelings, ideas, and innovative thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing, quarantine and the fight against the virus.

1.0 Introduction & Objective

The COVID-19 Pandemic around the world has taken the world by storm touching the lives of every human being on Earth! Bringing out the best and worst of human emotions – empathy, sympathy, kindness, concern, anger, frustration, social cohesivenessa andbravery among others. People around the world have been expressing these feelings through, poetry, prose, paintings and graphics!

The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) with its focus on building cultural links with countries around the world and connecting people to people through Cultural and Educational exchanges, calls on Indians and citizens of the world to express these emotions – through Art in the Time of CORONA: United against Corona- Express through Art.

2.0 The Format

This competition endeavours to showcase the best of expressions of amateur and professional artists from India and the world over. The event encourages submissions of artistic expressions in following media:
• Paintings – on Canvas/Paper – oil, water colours, pencil, crayons
• Digital Art – Graphical Posters & Paintings
The expressions of artists are categorized into the following:
• Contemporary Art
• Folk & Tribal Art • Cartoons & Illustrations
• Digital & New Age Art

3.0 Participants – Artists

The event encouragesp and amateur artists to enthusiastically participate and present their emotions, feeling, ideas and innovative thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing, quarantine and the fight against the virus. Entries will be in following categories:

A. Entries from India in following categories:
1. Professional Artists
2. Amateur Artists
3. Children & Students – Below age of 21

B. Entries from the World over in following categories:
1. Foreign Professional Artists
2. Amateur Artists- global Citizen
3. Children & Students- Below age of 21


4.0 Collection of work

In view of the ongoing lockdown in almost all the cities of India and countries across the word, with postal, courier and transport agencies not functional for normal purposes, participants are requested to send high resolution photos of their work to ICCR by 1st May 2020. Details are available on www.iccr.gov.in. Selected works will be asked to be couriered once the lockdown is called off.

All participants may please give their full name, address and number of your national identity document ( in case of Indians it can be Aadhar, PAN card, Voter ID card, Passport etc.). Participants will have to fill up a form available on www.iccr.gov.in

All personal information will be strictly used for the purpose of authentication of artist and artworks and shall not be used for any other purpose.


5.0 Guidelines for submitting artworks

a) Theme of artwork is restricted to “Art in the Time of CORONA: United against Corona- Express through Art”
b) Participants may please upload their works in PNG or JPG files only with maximum size upto 10 MB.
c) Please keep a copy of higher resolution files of your submitted artwork. We shall require it in case your work is shortlisted.
d) Any form of indecent and obscene portrayal of woman and child, nudity, animal brutality, direct or indirect hate, anti-national, anti- government expressions/visuals, sensitive to all religions, caste, creed and ethnicity is strictly prohibited.

6.0 Evaluation of Work
The works will be evaluated by a high level jury. Jury will be fully authorised to discard inappropriate  workof arts described in para 5.0 (d) above.

7.0 Prizes
There are lots of prizes to be won under each category. Participation from all is encouraged.

8.0 Exhibition and Prize ceremony
Best of the expressions will be exhibited in leading galleries in India and abroad. An online exhibition will also be on display. Grand finale of the physical exhibition will be held in New Delhi with a cultural function and prize giving ceremony. Dates will be
fixed depending on resolution of the COVID crisis.

9.0 Last Date of Submission:

• Opening of the competition – 2nd April 2020

• Deadline for receiving Entries – 1st May 2020

• Evaluation of Entries & Shortlist Announcement by – 20th May 2020

• Announcement of Prizes/Awards – on the World Environment Day – 6th June 2020


10.0 Rights over artworks

All artworks submitted, selected and awarded during the competition will be ICCR’s property for it to be used in any form.

For any query please write to iccr4art@gmail.com

Indian Council for Cultural Relations

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