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WATER Fountain –VASTU TIPS for Wealth and Progress

WATER Fountain –VASTU TIPS for Wealth and Progress
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1. The body of water should not be too huge compared to the actual premises or it can energetically dominate the site and weaken the occupants growth.

2. Shape and placement of the body of water are very important. Best place according to vastu shastra is at north east zone. It should not be on the edge of north- east axis. Waterfalls and fountains create new energy flow in any environment. A well placed fountain can have a beneficial impact on any space.

3. Fish aquariums are another powerful water energizer. Fish tanks are a combination of water and living energy which stimulates the flow of new energy flow. Aquariums with fish are notorious for bringing good luck, fortune and a stream of wealth to the occupants. You will also find them in many corporate houses, hotels & restaurants.

4. Avoid placing fountain in the south east area of the house or office, which is a location of the fire element and because water puts out fire it can have a dampening effect on your finances.

5. Circulating or moving water is more powerful than stagnant water

6. Fountains placed at the front door can also deflect negative energy from entering the home.

By Soniaa Bakshi

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