What next for ecommerce master Rajesh Kumar? You’d never guess

What next for ecommerce master Rajesh Kumar? You’d never guess

Rajesh Kumar is well known internationally as an expert in ecommerce. He has a spread of skill sets and experience across a truly vast range of business types and sectors.

What next for ecommerce master Rajesh Kumar? You’d never guess

What’s truly surprising is that this very diverse range integrates well into a functional business model in equally diverse commercial environments.

By way of examples:
• He’s currently head of ecommerce for RMC Gems, a major global gemstone ecommerce outlet serving senior high-end gemstone designer outlets.
• He’s a major influencer on Instagram (marketing.by.raj) with 600,000+ followers.
• He’s a major social media presence in Bollywood through his Instagram influence.
• He’s a do-everything modern SEO specialist working in multiple fields.
• He’s an accomplished photographer. (You can see more of his work on his Facebook page. Photography by Raj. His work regularly appears in major industry news outlets like the zeenewsHindustan TimesIndia TodayIndiatvnewsIndian ExpressPinkvilla and Bollywood Life.)

What would you do with a range of skills and proven business successes like these? Rajesh has set the bar for himself very high by any standards.

He has come up with a very appropriate solution – An integrated hybrid business model, incorporating all of the above.

This is good, functional positioning for his extremely broad range of skills. Social media, visual media, ecommerce and strong SEO skills are all key skills in modern business.

His new move makes a lot of commercial sense. This is a next-level move from an already high level. To do business at this level, you need both the skills and functional integration in all these areas.

His highly successful Instagram presence is a testimony to market penetration in the super-tough and very large Indian & Asian media market. Decades of market experience and strong market reach are a winning combination.

To work at this level, you need to be both a one-man band and able to manage a high-value, complex mix of deliverables. You need to speak the languages of the industries, and be able to deliver a highly adaptive range of commercial services for clients.

This is a very practical approach to an ever-expanding range of commercial realities. Adaptability is the key to success. There’s no One Size Fits All in modern commercial operations. Demand for new services and mixes of services is getting higher by the day, and Rajesh is perfectly positioned to deliver any services required.


Rajesh Kumar is an Indian photographer, digital marketer, social media influencer, business development consultant, and PR expert. He is best known for brand building, digital media marketing, online sales & project management and affiliate marketing and has over two decades of experience as a digital marketer.