Hit it for a six with DeeMoney: Every Victory Calls for a Celebration!

Hit it for a six with DeeMoney: Every Victory Calls for a Celebration!

For all the cricket fans around the world, we have the grandest cricket carnival beckoning upon us! It’s that time again… the adrenaline rush, the fans cheering like fanatics in their favourite jerseys, faces painted with different colours of the flag, all this craze for the sport that is not just loved, but even obsessed over by many – The ICC Cricket World Cup! This cricketing extravaganza is the epitome of bat-and-ball excitement and is painting the cricketing world in multiple shades of fandom, passion, and a touch of ‘bail-tossing’ madness. This time around, the cricket fever is not just about the googlies, boundaries, and sixes, it’s about celebrating the triumphs with a twist, thanks to DeeMoney!

For decades now, cricket lovers have been glued to their television sets and mobiles, or gathered at sports bars with friends, watching each match with nail-biting, nerve-racking enthusiasm, hoping and praying for their country to win. From the historic pavilions of Lord’s in England to the roaring stands at the MCG in Australia, cricket lovers are all set to ride the ‘cricketainment’ rollercoaster. Without forgetting the subcontinent – India, Pakistan, Bangladesh – where cricket is more than just a sport, it’s a religion that is filled with multitudes of emotions, drama, dreams, and innumerable cups of your favourite drink. Most of the cricket-playing countries, namely India, England, Pakistan, Australia, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Afghanistan, and a few others battle it out on the cricket field for the glorified World Cup.

Talking about those nail-biting matches where every single run counts to the madness this game brings to its audience. The sheer enthusiasm and your nation’s fate hinging on the skillful manoeuvre of the bat keeps everyone hooked till the very last ball bowled. That’s the ‘pandemonium of Cricket’!

Whenever your team, be it the ever-graceful English gentlemen, the mighty Indian regiment or the fierce Aussies clinch victory, you want to scream your lungs out, dance like crazy, and share the excitement with those you love. And here’s where DeeMoney steps up to the crease with their magic.

DeeMoney understands you and your enthusiasm for this sport and has brought you an equally exciting offer. With every match your country wins, YOU win! The day your team wins, you simply need to log into the DeeMoney App and use the special codes sent to you, to transfer funds to your loved ones back home. (*Please note that our service may not be available in some participating countries.)

So, whether you’re an English tea-sipper, an Indian chai fan, or an Aussie beer lover with your twist on ‘cricketainment’, DeeMoney’s got your back. The joy of celebrating every win is just a special code away, and you can make sure your victory cheer resonates from the London Eye to the Sydney Opera House. Cricket is a language we all speak, no matter which cricketing nation we call home. It’s about the ‘stumps’ and giggles, the ‘runs’ and puns, and now, with DeeMoney’s ‘special code’ magic (Follow our page for more detail: https://www.facebook.com/DeeMoneyTH), it’s about spreading the joy, wherever the cricket wind takes us.

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