People celebrated Holi Festival of Colors in Bangkok

Ambassador of India to Thailand H.E. Mr. Bhagwant Singh Bishnoi and Mrs.Rupa Bishnoi

BANGKOK, THAILAND – MAR 11: People celebrated Holi Festival of Colors, Mar 11, 2018 in SHOW DC, Bangkok, Thailand.

The Indian community & Thais turned out in large numbers. Ambassador of India to Thailand H.E. Mr. Bhagwant Singh Bishnoi and Mrs.Rupa Bishnoi joined #HoliRangotsavBangkok2018 @SHOWDC in #Bangkok, organized by @vhpthailand. Holi, marks the arrival of spring, being one of the biggest festivals in Asia…


Insight into Indian-Thailand Relations with H.E. MR. Bhagwant Singh Bishnoi, Ambassador of India to Thailand

India has been Thailand’s great allies for over 70 years. At the same time, India has long enjoyed good economic and trading partnerships with ASEAN countries, This issue, MICE  Spotlight by NCC is honored to have a chance to talk with H.E. Mr. Bhagwant Singh Bishnoi, Ambassador of India to Thailand, on the relations between these countries, as well as the upcoming grande-scale event to mark the 25th anniversary of India-ASEAN relations.


70th Anniversary of India-Thailand relations

“Thailand was one of the first countries with which India established diplomatic relations in 1947. The relationship between Indian and Thailand is actually rooted and antiquity. Our relationship covers all aspects, covering political aspect, economic and commercial, education, scientific, technology, basically just about everything (smile). We have frequently hosted High-Level Exchanges between our two countries. Also, India and Thailand have always been solid bilateral economic partners. Whenever Indian companies thinks of establishing a manufacturing base in Southeast Asia, for many of them, the obvious choice is Thailand. Many of Indian largest conglomerates such as the Aditya Birla Group, Tata Group, and Polyplex (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd., all have manufacturing bases in Thailand. At the same time, India offers the largest and the most attractive market for foreign investors and a number of leading Thai companies are operating in India such as CP Group, Italian Thai Development and Thai Summit. The governments of our two countries jointly support and facilitate the international trade to ensure our trade’s continuing growth (smile).”


25 years of India-ASEAN Solidarity

“Apart from the bilateral context, for India it is also about region and global context. So when we look at Thailand we recognize the fact that Thailand is the center of ASEAN, and as far as India is concerned, ASEAN is the center of India’s ‘Look East’ policy. Throughout the past, we have arranged knowledge exchange, trade negotiations with ASEAN countries, as well as numerous events, including the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of ASEAN, the 25th Anniversary of AEAN-India Dialogue Partnership, he 15th Anniversary of Summit Level Interaction and the 5th Anniversary of Strategic Partnership is organizing ASEAN-India Expo and Forum to celebrate the 25th anniversary of India-ASEAN relations, which is guaranteed to be a very interesting event.


ASEAN-India Expo and Forum… Celebrating 25 years of Friendship and The Future of Economic Prospects


“The ASEAN-India Expo and Forum, which is scheduled for August 2 – 5, 2017 at QSNCC (Queen Sirikit National Convention Center), is an excellent opportunity for India to present our economic information. We plan to focus of five areas:

  1. Pharmaceutical issues
  2. Automobile
  3. Textile
  4. India’s flagship investment programs
  5. India’s innovations and technologies.

Most importantly, this is the event where all ten ASEAN countries to present the best our countries have to offer. We hope to bring the business sector of every country even closer and encourage more investment partnership. We hope to see significant increase of India’s investment in Thailand and also of ASEAN’s investment in India (smile).”

The friendships between these nations are set to grow even further. This will surely contribute to the growth and prosperity of “ASEAN” in the foreseeable future.

Source: Spotlight

Slut Shaming Won’t Work, Not Ashamed Of My Desire, Says Kangana Ranaut


Actor Kangana Ranaut has said “slut-shaming won’t work” as she accused Hrithik Roshan of “blackmailing and threatening” her by circulating her “love poems” and photographs.

Ms Ranaut’s lengthy statement comes a day after her lawyers asked the Mumbai Police to advise Mr Roshan from sharing emails and other material sent to him by the 29-year-old who has thrice won the National Film Award.

“I am not ashamed of anything, not my past, not my affairs, not my body and most definitely not my desire,” said Ms Ranaut today, alluding to a past romantic relationship she claims sharing with Mr Roshan when they co-starred in the movie Krrish 3 in 2013.

Mr Roshan has flat out denied that they dated, and has in a legal notice to Ms Ranaut asked for an apology for using the term “silly exes” to refer to him. The 42-year-old says Ms Ranaut is trying to milk a fictitious relationship to gain publicity.

Mr Roshan has also asked the police to identify and prosecute an imposter who allegedly emailed Ms Ranaut, pretending to be Mr Roshan. She has said it was Mr Roshan who regularly communicated with her, not from his usual account but from a separate email address created to avoid detection at a time when his marriage to Sussanne Khan was strained. They divorced in 2014.

In a legal matter only on record statements can be addressed not gossips. So here’s my final word:

“If the other party who sued me for defamation and asked for a public apology can prove defamation, I promise to apologise publicly. I request the other party to respond to the legal matter which they have started and not turn this defamation suit in to a media trial and judgement. If they are sincerely seeking an apology then they must help me understand their perspective because blackmailing or threatening won’t work with me.”

Though my legal team is taking strict actions against blackmailing and threatening me but as a girl it doesn’t scare me. You won’t get a sorry by threatening me or circulating my love poems, letters or images.

I am not ashamed of anything, not my past, not my affairs, not my body and most definitely not my desire. So slut-shaming won’t work either. If they want an apology then they have to come to the point, beating about the bush won’t help, me and my team are eager to help as hurting sentiments isn’t our intention.”


The Curry Pot Indian food and Seafood Restaurant, Bangkok

DSC00287 DSC00286 1118500383currypotbangkokcom1

Restaurant offers truly authentic test of Indian cuisine and live seafood. Specialties include an extensive array of items from the tandoor oven and many other exotic dishes from Northern and Southern India. Also available are some delicious vegetarian dishes and specialties Jain food. Here is a suggestion we think will enhance your food experience at The Curry Pot and make is more adventurous and hopefully more enjoyable too. Indian food tastes best when eaten with your fingers. There is a tactile dimension added to the eating process . Besides, Indian food is designed to be eaten by hand. Breads are to be torn and wrapped around foods. Rice is customarily blended with curries so each mouthful is unique, If you eat off of a banana leaf trying to use a knife and fork would shred your plate. Eating with your fingers is a cultural experience everyone should experience while visiting an Indian restaurant. We will be pleased to provide finger bowls and or wet naps in order cleanup after your meal.

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Just read what INDIA was as per LORD MACAULAY on his statement on 2nd February 1835, in the last snap. That would really shock us Old Photographs from Indian History. Please Read the last Article Carefully

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Sanjiv Mehta, CEO of The East India Company

An Indian rickshaw puller waits for customers next to a construction site on a foggy morning in New Delhi on Thursday. India’s explosive growth has opened up numerous opportunities for Thai construction companies. AFP
TTR president Kiat Sittheeamorn said that apart from the focus on Bahrain and India, potential existed in other markets in the Middle East, particularly in residential construction.

The TTR has held negotiations with five property development and building associations, whose members are seeking government support to expand abroad. The talks have identified six markets – four in the Middle East along with India and Libya, where there are many construction projects.

TTR also forecast that bidding for overseas projects could help Thai companies generate as much as 60-100 billion baht in revenues.

“[The developers] identified these countries as having high demand with a high number of residential projects required, which is expected to bring a high degree of benefit to Thai developers,” he said.

Mutual trade between the two countries clocked US$4.11 billion in 2007-08 as opposed to US$ 3.18 billion in 2006-07. In between April-December 2008-09 India exported goods worth US$ 1.44 billion to Thailand. The sectors in India that have seen Thai investment in the areas of hotel & tourism, food processing, trading and chemicals.

The partnership between India and Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries is a decade old. The ASEAN countries comprise of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The best part being, trade between both India and ASEAN has been developing at a swift pace.

MUMBAI, Jan 14 (Reuters) – Indian consturction firm Punj Lloyd (PUJL.BO) said on Thursday it had won a contract worth 5.74 billion rupees ($126 million) from Thailand’s PTT Public Company.

Punj Lloyd will install three compressor units for the Thai oil and gas firm’s offshore platform in the Gulf of Thailand, it said in a statement. ($1=45.5 rupees) (Reporting by Janaki Krishnan)


Seems after a considerable gap, the pending song for Emraan Hashmi starrer 24×7 Raftaar, will finally be shot. But it remains to be seen if the actor will feature in it. Reportedly, the producers, Percept Picture Company has roped in the three finalists of IPL Miss Bollywood 2009, while Hashmi was keener on doing it with a known actress.

According to a source associated with the movie, “Initially, the song was to be shot at Maldives and Emraan’s dates were booked. But it was shifted to Bangkok due to financial issues. Then there was a disagreement over the girl. Percept wanted to take some new girl to save costs, while Emraan felt a known face would get better mileage.”

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