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United Nations praise Thailand for COVID-19 success

Thailand’s COVID-19 response an example of resilience and solidarity: a UN Resident Coordinator’s Blog In January, Thailand became the second country to confirm a COVID-19 case but, since then, the country has shown remarkable resilience and, as of late July, there had not been any recorded cases of domestic transmission for nearly two months. Gita […]


By Lekha Shankar OMG, am SO delighted to hear that the tough,dynamic,charismatic KAMALA HARRIS is JOE BIDEN’s choice for VICE PRESIDENT-! She has Indian roots ( her researcher-mother emigrated from Madras, South India), Black antecedents ( her economist-father emigrated from Guyana), Jewish connections ( her husband is Jewish),and is the example of the multi-cultural American […]

IIT-Kharagpur to offer scientific rationale for Ramayana incidents

Global footprints of Lord Ram buttressed with scientific and historic interpretation of events that link continents and ancient civilisations and replete with present-day anecdotes will be part of the ‘Encyclopaedia of Ramayana’ being prepared by the state cultural department. Adding logical temper to what is often termed mythology, IIT-Kharagpur has offered to contribute to the […]

Thailand’s gone vegan🥕🌽🥦🥒🥬🥑🍆🌶️🍄 for a week (until October 7)

Thailand’s gone vegan🥕🌽🥦🥒🥬🥑🍆🌶️🍄 for a week(until October 7) again this year to mark their yearly vegetarian food festival in order to cleanse their mind body and soul and take a break from the regular meat eating 24/7. This 9-day vegetarian eating festival is gaining popularity with each passing year with more and more people wanting to […]

Changing the Narrative, Seizing the Initiative

By Sandeep Chakravorty (CHAKRAVIEW) Changing the Narrative For the past almost 100 years those behind the idea of Pakistan have been seizing the narrative and forcing us to be reactive. They have always provoked conflict and then pretended to be victim. Through this strategy they have got away with murder and genocide, exterminating their own people and […]

The fresh air and vibrancy of Lumpini Park is 8 minutes walk to the south from Centre Point Hotel Chidlom

The fresh air and vibrancy of Lumpini Park is 8 minutes walk to the south from Centre Point #Hotel Langsuan/Chidlom #Bangkok #Thailand. You can visit the Chidlom property at http://bit.ly/19lZxcK for more information about the Hotel. Lumpini Park is an inner-city haven of tranquility, fresh air and shade – offering city dwellers the perfect connection […]

Orange Fever, Thailand! Enjoy while it lasts

Thai Tangerine (Small mandarin oranges – Som Cheen) – Because of the hot tropical climate and abundant rainfall, Thailand is ideal to grow a variety of fruits. Tangerine is a tropical and sub-tropical tree probably native to Southern China, the Philippines and the Malay Archipelago. There are many different hybrids or varieties of Mandarins and […]


This Earth is a life ground for all living and non-living things which need suitable environment to survive and grow.  Life survives and prospers on availability of natural resources. Subjects of the Plant kingdom depend solely on nature to survive, while subjects of the Animal kingdom use their effort to build their nest and habitat, […]

Lychee or Litchi Fruit (Linchi in Thai) Thailand

Sweet Fragrant Juicy Lychees or Litchis currently in abundance all over Thailand and at its cheapest best! Thailand is also fondly referred to as the world’s kitchen owing to its vast variety of fruits and vegetables. Delicious and juicy lychee or “Litchi” heralds you the arrival of summer. Besides sweet and nutritious, the berries have […]


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