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“GOOD TIME EXHIBITION” Your opportunity to share SMILE

“GOOD TIME EXHIBITION” Your opportunity to share SMILE


Your opportunity to share SMILE, by purchasing the amazing handcrafted from talented children of the Na Kitti-Koon Foundation. 
**Total earning will be granted to the foundation without deduction.

Now showing: on the L floor at Centre Point Hotel Silom, until 8th September 2014.

The mission of the Na Kittikoon Foundation is to develop the communication and life skills of people with special needs through visualization, painting, drawing, music and theatre arts.

The foundation helps people with special needs such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and more. Student’s skills such as visualization, imitation, and task completion, improve with each hour they spend on artistic work. At the same time, the students experience joy through talking, playing and working with their classmates. This kind of happiness is uncommon for people with special needs.

Painting brings out our students’ imaginations and inner beauty. Even though the imitation, each artwork is a unique melody which, when added to the works of others, creates the glorious symphony that characterizes Na Kittikoon art.

As Na Kittikoon enters our 10th year, our students continue together having fun altogether with enhancing their visual, communication and, most importantly, life skills.

At Na Kittikoon, we celebrate true acceptance and understanding of one another without any speech required.

What jubilation!


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