Highlighting Thailand’s influence through cultural and entertainment media as a form of “soft power”

Highlighting Thailand’s influence through cultural and entertainment media as a form of “soft power”

The Cabinet has supported the plan to promote Thailand’s favorable image by presenting Thai culture in the form of “soft power” through entertainment media.

Minister of Culture Itthiphol Kunplome said that the Ministry of Culture had been assigned by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet to study guidelines for the use of soft power to generate economic benefits. The ministry was also told to report its operations on this issue to the Cabinet periodically. 

Mr. Itthiphol stated that the Cabinet on 21 March 2023 acknowledged the Ministry of Culture’s progress report on presenting Thai culture in the form of soft power. The ministry has worked with relevant agencies in formulating a plan of action on the use of entrainment media as a tool to publicize Thai products and services and drive Thailand’s economy. In this regard, tax incentives will be offered to private companies in the production and service industries.

Another plan has also been worked out to promote soft power with cultural dimensions for economic and social development. The plan will be carried out from 2023 to 2027 to set Thailand’s soft power positioning and study the marketing of Thai cultural products and services that have potential for being developed into soft power items.

The Government has set a policy to promote soft power in order to make Thailand’s creative industries better known worldwide and to increase the country’s economic value and generate income for communities.

Previously, the Prime Minister commended Thai artistes and youth, as well as personnel in the entertainment industry, for their roles in serving as a bridge to link Thai culture with the international community. The Ministry of Culture is striving to promote “5 Fs” in Thai culture to become Thailand’s major cultural export items. The 5 Fs include food, films, fashion, fighting (Thai martial arts), and festivals.

The Prime Minister was pleased to learn that Thai phanaeng curry was ranked first among the 10 best-rated stews in the world by TasteAtlas, a travel guide platform. He said that Thai food is one of the 5 Fs reflecting Thai culture and local wisdom and helping in tourism promotion.