China Town, Bangkok Ranked As 8th Coolest Street In The World

China Town, Bangkok Ranked As 8th Coolest Street In The World

Time Out magazine ranks the world’s top streets

Time Out, a series of magazines about tourism, food, culture, and community, quizzed 20,000 city-dwellers around the world and asked local experts for a Time Out Index survey to rank the top streets in the world.

Photograph: Shutterstock

This year’s category is “The world’s coolest streets in 2022,” and Yaowarat Road(China town), Bangkok, received 8th place out of all the cool streets worldwide. Time Out gives it an interesting description: “One of Bangkok’s oldest thoroughfares, with a history that dates back to the city’s foundation, Yaowarat Road winds and curves through Bangkok’s riverside Chinatown. Lined with neon signs and bustling day or night, this cultural hub is home to temples, restaurants, markets and legions of acupuncturists and dispensers of Chinese medicine. It’s been a street food lovers’ favourite for generations, but lately the area has seen cool galleries and high end restaurants move in too, keeping Yaowarat as relevant and culturally diverse as the day it was paved.”

The other streets, from 1-8, are:
1. Rue Wellington, Montreal;
2. Gertrude Street, Melbourne;
3. Great Western Road, Glasgow;
4. Yongkang Street, Taipei;
5. Værnedamsvej, Copenhagen;
6. Karangahape Road, Auckland;
7. Tai Ping Shan Street, Hong Kong;
8. Yaowarat Road(China town), Bangkok.